Discover all about Fairventures Social Forestry, our challenge, our approach, the value chain, our actual project and more.

Our Vision

Fairventures is a global leader in the large-scale reforestation of degraded land and the conservation of biodiverse forests in economically viable systems that benefit local communities...


Our Mission

We create and implement successful scalable business models for deforestation-free tropical timber and selected cash crops, that benefit local communities, investors and the environment...


Our Values

We are: Pragmatic visionaries, Believers that agroforestry and innovative technology are the solutions to reforesting degraded areas, Expert foresters, timber engineers and economists...


"We are pragmatic visionaries."

– Robert Bürmann / CEO –

The Area

Fairventures´ current working area is located in the District of Gunung Mas, Central Kalimantan, Borneo, Indonesia.


The Value Chain

Fairventures works across the value chain. We establish sustainable processes and connect local communities with markets, thus creating income opportunities for the local...



Planted trees in 2016


Planted trees in 2019


Planted trees – Future perspective

The Approach

Fairventures Social Forestry is building sustainable supply chains in timber and selected cashcrops, transferring knowledge to the local community, introducing sustainable processes and providing monitoring with drone and cloud-based technology...


The Project

Fairventures manages the reforestation of degraded land with agroforestry, and the cultivation of non-timber forest products in existing forests in Indonesia.In 2019, we started the implementation of 4.000 ha in two Social Forestry Permits...


"Benefit for local communities and the environment on large scale."

– Fairventures Social Forestry –