Panduh Tukat, Country Representative Indonesia

Panduh joined Fairventures Worldwide in 2013 and acts as Country Representative in Indonesia for Fairventures Worldwide since 2017, and for Fairventures Social Forestry since 2019. In this function he is responsible for Fairventures´ relationships with partners, government bodies and the communities we serve. Panduh holds a Degree in Economics and a Vocational Trainer Certification for Carpentry and Woodworking that he accomplished in Germany. He has more than 25 years of experience in woodworking in Indonesia as well as an entrepreneur in the building sector. Panduh has a big passion for adventure activities and gardening...

Fiona Dietz, Head of Business & Market Development

Fiona joined Fairventures in 2018, writing her thesis with us in Central Kalimantan. She soon joined as Head of Business & Market Development and is in charge of the coordination and implementation of our Social Forestry approach in Indonesia. Fiona has a Bachelors Degree in International Management South/Southeast Asia where she learned the Indonesian language and got sensitized about intercultural communication and cooperation. Fiona is very passionate about green practices and her best way to relax is a good cup of coffee on the balcony between her plants.

Tobias Hohl, Supervisor Agroforestry

Tobias joined Fairventures in 2019 out of his passion for implementing sustainable agricultural practices in the field. He is responsible for the operational implementation and coordination of all field activities in our Social Forestry project. Tobias completed his apprenticeship as a carpenter and worked for some years in that area until he found his passion for agriculture and sustainable practices. Before he completed his vocational training in agriculture, Tobias did a voluntary social year where he helped disabled people. His social and ecological impact on this world are very important for him. In his spare time, Tobias enjoys the sunsets above the Bornean forest.

"We are pragmatic visionaries."

– Robert Bürmann / CEO –

Agustinus Herry, Assistant Business & Market Development

Joining Fairventures in June 2017, Herry is responsible for business and market development activities in Indonesia. Amongst other tasks, Herry is in charge of building and maintaining relationships with the local government of Central Kalimantan to ensure a prosperous development of Fairventures Worldwide’s business activities. Moreover, Herry supports in administrative and legal tasks.Herry has great experience in working with NGOs in the field of REDD+ in Central Kalimantan for 4 years before joining Fairventures. Herry holds a Bachelor Degree in Law from the University of Palangka Raya. One of his favourit hobbies is to watch Hollywood movies with his family.

Johannes Schwegler, Co-CEO and Founder of Fairventures

As Fairventures´ Co-CEO, Johannes sets the strategic direction of the company, leads its partnering activities, and provides oversight and overall management direction. Johannes is also a lecturer at Stuttgart University of Applied Science.Johannes holds a Degree in Woodworking Engineering and an MBA from Henley Business School GB. He started working in Central Kalimantan in 1997. After 7 years in Indonesia he returned to Germany and became Executive Director of the newly established Swisscontact Germany, a non-profit limited company which he and the staff took over in 2012. Besides getting engaged in Development Cooperation he enjoys working in his own vineyard.

Robert Bürmann, CEO

Robert supervises Fairventures´ commercial activities, leads fundraising and investor management. 
A former project manager at McKinsey&Company, Robert spent the last ten years of his career investing in companies and assets in the sustainability space. He holds an MBA from IESE Business School, a diploma in Geology and a bachelor in Economics from LMU Munich. In his spare time, Robert enjoys rock climbing and spending time with his family.