Successful Completion of the Planting Season


Building on the knowledge from last year, our planting season 2019/2020 was completed successfully. We now have a little more than 100 ha planted in the social forestry area. The team did a great job and was able to finish the planting season on time by the end of March, just at the end of the rainy season. We now have ca. 85 ha of Sengon trees and ca. 16 ha of Jabon trees in the field. We were also able to establish test fields with a large range of new crops and trees, that we hope to include into our planting areas in the coming seasons. We were  happy to see that the Sengon and Jabon seedlings from our own nursery showed excellent quality and confirmed that we made the right decision to invest into optimized seedling production. 

Planting trees in the degraded areas of Borneo is not an easy task. But each planting season allows us to refine our approach and learn more about the trees, soils and processes. Step by step, we are demonstrating not only that large-scale forest landscape restoration in Central Kalimantan is possible, but also that it brings true benefits to people and nature. Each completed planting season brings us closer to our goal. We would like to thank our partners, the communities in the social forestry area, without whom this success would not be possible.