Field Visit of Dr. Christoph Hoffmann, the only forester in the German parliament


Dr. Christoph Hoffmann MdB, a member of the German parliament, visited the One Million Trees Project and the FSF social forestry area in Indonesia. As one and only forester in the German parliament, Dr. Hoffmann has a strong interest to see the implementation of landscapes restoration projects that bring stakeholders such as the government, local communities, and the private sector together to work on climate change, biodiversity and sustainable incomes. Besides Dr. Hoffmann, several representatives of other organizations joined the visit, such as Dr. David Tantow from the German Embassy in Indonesia, Ms. Tracy Johns and Ms. Johanna Weaver from Climate and Land Use Alliance, Ms. Mirelle Perrin from Good Energies Foundation, Mr. Lutz Hofheim from GIZ Forclime, Mr. Philipp Schukat as IKI Coordinator at the GIZ Jakarta, and Mr. Peter de Haan as the Program Director of Borneo Initiative.

The group was also visiting the social forestry area where FSF is currently working with the local communities on 4,000 hectares.


Dr. Hoffmann (in the middle) with one of the 1mTrees farmers, Mr. Subario (left) and our team leader, Mr. Suadi (right) in Subario’s field.


Peanut intercropping between the 6 months old Jabon trees in the social forestry area.