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Who we are

Our Vision and Mission

Fairventures is a global leader in the large-scale reforestation of degraded land and the conservation of biodiverse forests in economically viable systems that benefit local communities. We create and implement successful scalable business models for deforestation-free tropical timber and selected cash crops, that benefit local communities, investors and the environment.

"We are pragmatic visionaries."

– Johannes Schwegler, Executive Director –

Who we are

Our Values

We are: Pragmatic visionaries, Believers that agroforestry and innovative technology are the solutions to reforesting degraded areas, Expert foresters, timber engineers and economists, Convinced that economic models are the drivers of change, Transparent, accountable and strive to learn from our successes and challenges, Committed to each other and the communities we serve.

"The objective: finding sustainable economic solutions for global value chains."

– Robert Bürmann, CEO –

Who we are

Our Background

Fairventures Worldwide gGmbH was established in 2013 by executive director Johannes Schwegler and a team of like-minded people. The objective: finding sustainable economic solutions for global value chains that have a positive impact on the environment and the livelihoods of people connected to the resource production.Built on almost two decades of experience and relationships with people from Central Kalimantan, a project around reforestation and the timber value chain called “One million trees” was launched in 2014. Over the course of five years, the program attracted many partners, expanded to new areas and value chains and fulfilled the mission statement of one million trees planted. The experience gained during “One million trees” as well as the close ties built with our partners are the foundation for Fairventures Social Forestry´s business model.

"A team of like-minded people."

– Fairventures Social Forestry –


Fairventures is proud to work with partners who are experts in their field and dedicated to the core of our mission and values.