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What we do

The Challenge

Borneo is one of the world’s deforestation hotspots. Driven by logging, population pressure and palm oil plantations, half of the forests on this island have been lost. The consequences for biodiversity and climate, but also local communities’ livelihoods have been drastic.


In the last 5 years, the Indonesian government has greatly improved legislation and actively works to solve this crisis. Yet, the success of these programs depends on expert implementers on the ground.


With millions of hectares of degraded land in Indonesia and 2 billion hectares worldwide, Fairventures fills a crucial role by implementing a scalable business model for sustainable reforestation with social and environmental impact.

"We are pragmatic visionaries."

– Johannes Schwegler, Executive Director –

What we do

The Approach

Fairventures Social Forestry is building sustainable supply chains in timber and selected cashcrops, transferring knowledge to the local community, introducing sustainable processes and providing monitoring with drone and cloud-based technology.


Fairventures Social Forestry is focused on sustainable, economically viable reforestation models that benefit local communities and the environment on large scale.


In 2016, the Indonesian government pledged to open over 13.5 million hectares of social forests, providing permits to local communities for income-generating activities.


We developed the first model of a social-forestry partnership, cooperating with local permit holders to provide needed capital, management expertise and market access. We are pioneering a socially-minded, economically viable model with the potential to scale across Indonesia and beyond. In this way, Fairventures provides an approach to tackle the global challenge of bringing 2 billion hectares of degraded land back into economic use for local populations and improve biodiversity and CO2 sequestration capacity.

„The objective: finding sustainable economic solutions for global value chains."

– Robert Bürmann, CEO –

What we do

The Value Chain

Fairventures works across the value chain. We establish sustainable processes and connect local communities with markets, thus creating income opportunities for the local population in need.

„Trusted relationships with local communities.“

– Fairventures Social Forestry –

What we do

The Project

Fairventures manages the reforestation of degraded land with agroforestry, and the cultivation of non-timber forest products in existing forests in Indonesia.


In 2019, we started the implementation of 4.000 ha in two Social Forestry Permits provided by the Indonesian Government to local communities for 35+ years.



Fairventures cooperates with the local permit holders, providing required capital, management expertise, and access to markets.


Fairventures builds sustainable supply chains, transferring knowledge to the local population, implementing and managing sustainable processes, monitoring with drone- and web-based technology, and securing sales to established industry partners.


Since 2014, we built trusted relationships with local communities, government authorities, research organizations, supporting NGOs, and industry. By implementing a self-standing model on 4.000 ha, Fairventures builds the blueprint for scaling social and ecological impact in Indonesia and beyond, and creates attractive investment opportunities. Today we have created sale MoUs with established partners for up to 70.000 m3 of timber p.a. and for our first cash crop, with well-established Indonesian companies acting on global markets.


We will continue to evaluate and create attractive new opportunities in our fields of expertise along the value chains we work in.

"Focused on sustainable, economically-viable reforestation models."

– Fairventures Social Forestry –

What we do

The Impact

Fairventures Social Forestry is focused on sustainable, economically-viable reforestation models that benefit local communities and the environment on large scale.


For Investors: Fairventures´ business model provides attractive returns for investors from sustainable timber and selected cash crops, non-timber forest products, and CO2 credits.


For the local population: We improve the livelihoods of local people by transferring knowledge, creating sustainable income opportunities, and supporting community development.


For the environment: By sustainably managing our project areas, Fairventures will reforest degraded areas and improve biodiversity and CO2 sequestration capacity.


By 2027, Fairventures aims at managing 100.000 ha, creating attractive investment opportunities, improving the livelihoods of ca. 50.000 local people, improving biodiversity and sequestrating and conserving ca. 300.000 t/ CO2 equ. p.a.

What we do

The Area

Fairventures´ current working area is located in the District of Gunung Mas, Central Kalimantan, Borneo, Indonesia.


"We are committed to each other and the communities we serve."

– Fairventures Social Forestry –