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How to engage

The Opportunity

Fairventures business model is an attractive investment case for outstanding investors – but it´s not for everyone. If you want to make your capital work to create systemic change, if you are spearheading impact capital to improve social justice and to help save the planet, you are in the right place. We are looking for like-minded partners and investors to open new markets through innovation - going the way together! We install a model to create returns – financial, social and ecological. This is not about quick money. We are working with people to grow trees. It will take some patience until your capital and returns can be harvested. But the harvest will be worth the effort – here is the blueprint model for scaling that we create today: Sustainable management of up to 4.000 haReturns from fast-growing timber, cash crops, and CO2 in globally growing markets, with sale MoUs from established partners5 Mio € investment opportunity, min. ticket size of 200.000 €Project IRR of 11%EBITDA-margin of 26%, net profit margin of 16%Evergreen or long-term investment case of 25 years. Cashflow positive in year 8, payback in year 13Investment vehicle: silent partnership in Fairventures Social Forestry GmbH for the 4.000 ha blueprint project. Other structures with core investors open for discussionSustainable livelihoods for 2.000 people, direct development of 4 local communitiesPositive CO2 footprint of ca 10.000 t/CO2 equ. p.a.

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"Today we create the blueprint for future scaling."

– Robert Bürmann, CEO –

How to engage

The Future

Today we create the blueprint for future scaling. With this blueprint, we expect to have a replicable model for scaling in place in ca. three years from now. Today we already start to prepare for the next phase: we identify additional Social Forestry permit areas, but also areas and partners in different setups where our approach adds similar value. This will enable us to achieve significant growth, and it will reduce dependencies on the Social Forestry program. With our successful blueprint project as the basis for growth, we are confident to roll out our model across Indonesia and beyond. Fairventures aims at managing ca. 15.000 ha by 2021, and 100.000 ha by 2027, creating investment opportunities of up to 100 Mio €. Replication of our model by other actors can multiply our impact.

"Support us in solving one of today´s most relevant global challenges."

– Fairventures Social Forestry –

How to engage

Ways to engage

Investors:We are looking for additional investors to implement our 4.000 ha blueprint for scaling.

See “The Opportunity”

Please contact us for more details and potential investment structures. DFIs / alternative investment structures:As we establish a business model with social and environmental co-benefits, we are highly interested in opportunities for soft financing. If you like our approach and look for pragmatic implementers, please contact us to discuss ways of collaboration. Industrial partners:You are an actor in one of our value chains and looking for a more sustainable process or product? If you are interested in cooperating with or sourcing from us, please contact us to discuss ways of collaboration. Donors:Our approach is innovative and some aspects still require testing, capacity building and enabling. If you want to support us in solving one of today´s most relevant global challenges, please contact us. There is also the opportunity to support our non-profit organization Fairventures Worldwide, which supports us with the above tasks.


"We install a model to create returns – financial, social and ecological."

– Fairventures Social Forestry –